Develop more accurate and reliable products in least time and low costs. SolidWorks Premium includes SolidWorks 3D CAD software, that offers unmatched 3D design capabi

SolidWorks Simulation offers powerful design validation tools tightly integrated inside SolidWorks, that allow you to easily see the behavior of your designs when you subject them to the same conditions that they’ll experience in the real world. These

Collaborating, sharing knowledge and re-using data are critical to your success. But sharing often means wasting time searching for the right data. It means risking data loss when you accidentally overwrite files with older versions. It means wasting money

Are you Fed Up With Repetitive Design Tasks?
Are you stressed by the pressure from your sales department to respond to quotations and poor instructions at short notice?
How often are you asked to work on product that is similar to som

Create everything from product manuals to interactive 3D animations and videos.Reduce the costs of creating product documentation and get your product to market faster. When your software imports data directly

SolidCAM - Complete CNC Machining Solutions Integrated into the SolidWorks

SolidCAM is the complete, ‘best-in-class’ Manufacturing Suite for efficient and profitable CNC-Programming inside SolidWorks. SolidCAM provides seamless single-window integ

SolidWorks Plastics – Injection Molding Simulation for Designers of Plastic Parts and Injection Molds.

Easy to use, easy to learn software to simul

Simplifying Your Electrical System Design.

SolidWorks Electrical help companies to simplify the electrical, control and hydraulic/pneumatic design process and enable concurrent development of electr

With SolidWorks Education Edition, your students can work more efficiently and have the data they need to make better design decisions throughout their design development process.

These Editions are Covering all advanced modules of CAD (Full Ver

SolidWorks Sustainability

SolidWorks Sustainability software measures four environmental indicators over the life cycle of your product i.e.: carbon footprint, total energy consumed air and water impacts. To monitor all these four environmental in

Curtain e-locker – Information Rights Management System

Curtain e-locker is an Information Rights Management System that prevents sensitive files from leaking out of the company by any exit channels (e.g. USB hard-disk, CDR, and web mail). By usin

SOLIDWORKS Inspection – Quality Inspection Documents in Minutes

SOLIDWORKS Inspection helps you streamline the creation of inspection documents by leveraging your existing 2D legacy data, regardless of whether files are SOLIDWORKS, PDFs, or TIFFs

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