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Devanshi Engineering Consultancy Services is into the business of providing Design Software Solutions to the Mechanical Industries, which enables them to design better quality products at reduced production time and hence helps to reduce the related market and development costs.

Our customers need skilled manpower regularly due to promotion or switching of existing users, to use our latest 3D design technology. As Solid Works is the fastest selling software not only in India but also in the world, due to its ease to use and user friendly environment. Also more & more mechanical companies are choosing Solid Works software as their preferred product, and are shifting from 2D to 3D. We are running this program to fulfill the required regular need of our clients and to give better platform to the new and the deserving candidates in the market.

"By learning SolidWorks, students are better prepared to make a difference in a world where future success depends on innovative ideas and technology."

Devanshi Engineering Consultancy Services runs the following training programs focusing on industry application using Solid Works –

  • 3D in machine & equipment design
  • 3D in product ,tool & die design

In this program we’ll be providing you with the 2 months training, out of which 1st month training will be provided for Solid Works Basic and in the second month we will focus on the advanced options of Solid Works.

According to candidate’s performance at the customer site, candidate will get the placement in that particular company. If you don’t get placement there then we’ll again help you in getting the job by conducting your 2-3 interviews at our other esteem customers.

Need of this Training:

  1. Now a day’s companies don’t want to spend their time and money for training new candidates for 3D software.
  2. New candidates are trained only if they are ready to sign a bond with company, which normally candidates don’t want.
  3. Already trained candidates can emphasize more on learning engineering concepts rather than learning both software as well as engineering concepts side by side.
  4. To get preference over others, one should have something extra than only an engineer’s degree.

ADVANTAGES of this program:

  1. 100%  job assurance
  2. Offers free CSWA exam to get certified for SolidWorks. (Certified SolidWorks Associate)
  3. Become the member of Devanshi Engineering Consultancy Services SolidWorks user community and avail the benefit of our regular seminar.
  4. Student software kit license is provided totally free of cost.

If you are interested to build up your career in Design field with Mechanical industries you can avail the opportunity of this program by going through the following process:

  1. Examination on Mechanical Engineering
  2. Aptitude Test
  3. Interview

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