Create everything from product manuals to interactive 3D animations and videos.Reduce the costs of creating product documentation and get your product to market faster. When your software imports data directly from your designs and updates documents and animations automatically, you can start your documentation earlier in the process.

First Look: SolidWorks 3DVIA Composer

SolidWorks Composer revolutionizes the way product documentation is created. 3DVIA Composer allows users outside of Engineering to create and maintain product documentation. This desktop application will allow you to leverage 3D CAD data from any CAD system to produce professional technical publications concurrently with product development. 3DVIA Composer empowers users in documentation, sales, marketing, customer service, training, support, and manufacturing with 3D data and tools. 3DVIA Composer allows you to create content for assembly instructions, service procedures, technical illustrations, interactive 3D animations, training materials, and more.

Use SolidWorks Composer to create

  • Assembly/Disassembly instructions
  • Technical illustrations
  • User manuals
  • Parts catalogs
  • Field service manuals
  • Web-based catalogs

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